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Innovative Schools  -  Teacher Evaluation  -  Teams | Ed Buzz 2016-2-11

Feb 11, 2016

4 Things Innovative Schools Have In Common

Is your school innovative? Could it be? Using schools that have been designated as innovative, this article compiles a list of traits innovative schools have. See if you can implement these in your building.

D.C. Public Schools, Closely Watched for its Reform Efforts, is Overhauling Teacher Evaluation and Training
DC's experiments in education reform have been closely watched nationally; changes to take effect next school year.

Rather than having teachers sit in workshops for training, teachers will meet weekly with small groups of colleagues and a coach. Take a look at some of the means by which teachers in DC schools will be evaluated starting next year.

How Teams Can Transform Schools
In order to lead your school toward the change you want to manifest, you need to first understand the essential nature of team building.

In one urban middle school the interaction of leadership teams have created a place where students thrive and succeed. Read the article to see how the team interacts and drives student engagement and achievement.

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