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Feb 23, 2016

Bridging a Digital Divide That Leaves Schoolchildren Behind
The Federal Communications Commission is expected to vote soon on a plan that could add subsidies for broadband Internet services in low-income homes.

Increasingly more schools are moving assignments and research on to Internet, forcing impoverished families to find free hotspots. How can we keep education equitable and still move it forward?

27 Ways To Enhance Retention In Your Students

How you can help students retain what they learn? What sort of teaching strategies, curriculum mapping techniques, or other changes can you use to help them remember and apply information? Here is 27 of them.

What If America’s Teachers Made More Money?
A number of states want to raise their salaries, but it’s unclear whether the increases will do much to solve schools’ staffing problems.

In parts of the U.S. school districts cannot find enough teachers to fill all of the open positions. Teacher moral is reported as lower than ever. But, would higher teacher salaries solve those problems?

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