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Americans Excelling at Math  -  Teachers Disappeared  -  Micro-credentials | Ed Buzz 2016-2-8

Feb 18, 2016

The Number of American Teens Who Excel at Advanced Math Has Surged. Why?

We have all seen the reports. American students fall significantly behind other countries when it comes to math. A small group of students, the math elites, are bucking the trend. See how they discovered the secret to topping the world in math.

What Happened When The Teachers Disappeared: The First Week

This reads like a Twilight Zone episode. But, it does make you think about what would happen if teachers all just disappeared from classrooms everywhere. How would students react after a week? It is an interesting read, where you are left to ponder what happens next.

The Major Momentum Behind Micro-credentials
New partnerships and pioneers are giving Digital Promise’s badging and micro-credentials movement a new push.

The article states that educators are constant learners. Professional development structures have not yet caught up with new way and speed we learn. Could badging and micro-credentials be the answer?

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