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Sink or Swim  -  Educational Theory  -  Against School | Ed Buzz 2016-1-13

Jan 13, 2016

Letting Students Sink Doesn’t Teach them to Swim
A new book says that giving students failing grades does not make them better; helping them succeed does.

Are failing grades effective in education? In his new book, “In Praise of American Educators: And How They Can Become Even Better,” Richard DuFour offers a controversial view on failing grades. Take a look.

Does Theory Matter in Learning to Teach?
Asking teachers to learn the work of teaching on the job does a disservice to the students in our classroom. But I've come around to believing that theory matters too.

There are now education training programs with mottos like "Learn to Teach by Teaching." These programs eschew educational theory. Can they develop good teachers?

Against School
In this previously unpublished essay, Aaron Swartz sought an explanation for the persistent - and possible deliberate - failures in our school system.

This is a controversial one. Aaron Swartz, purports that schools have never been about actual education. Read the article and learn how Aaron ties testing culture into what he sees as the real problem with education. HINT - it is not anti-teacher.

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