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Jan 14, 2016

A Successful Personalized Learning Initiative: Lessons Learned
We're living proof that though money alone can't solve a school superintendent's problems, a well-crafted personalized learning program does.

Personalized learning is great, but you still need a plan. It's not as simple as buying a bunch of Chromebooks. Read this article and learn from one school's struggles.

Learning Theory in the 21st-Century Classroom
SmartBlog on Education this month is exploring the science of learning. Join us for original content in which experts explore trends in learning research

The latest great ideas in education evolve quickly. What are the newest trends? Online learning. Blended learning. Social learning. How do those strategies line up with learning theory. It's in this article.

Add a Muslim Holiday? Remove a Jewish One? Schools Debate Calendars as Diversity Increases
Howard County will consider a proposal that could open schools on two Jewish holidays for the first time in more than three decades.

As diversity in schools increase, how does the school district manage the calendar by providing holidays for religious observances? When you add days like the First Day of Deer Hunting Season - a day many schools are closed in PA - how do you balance it all?

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