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Jan 12, 2016

A 'No-Nonsense' Classroom Where Teachers Don't Say 'Please'
To get, and keep, students on track, teachers are trying a different method of classroom management called No-Nonsense Nurturing.

OK. What do you think of this? Would using a no-nosense approach to teaching work for you? I am don't know that this would have worked for me.

Answers to 5 Questions that Teachers Secretly Ask Themselves
What works in education.

How many of the following questions do you ask yourself? My guess is that many of these questions get asked at the start of every year by both veteran and rookie teachers. See if you agree.

25 Critical Thinking Apps For Extended Student Learning
There are many apps that do promote critical thinking--and often extended critical thinking and learning at that. These aren&'t clinical critical thinking building programs either, but rather often enjoyable exercises in strategy, tactics, and problem-solving thought.

Plag. Flight Pilot Simulator. Civilization V. These are some of the coolest and most fun games/apps that your students will play, and they all extend crical thinking.

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