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Jan 07, 2016

‘Learn How to Learn’ Course Proving Popular Worldwide
An online course designed to help students learn how to learn -- and understand the science behind it -- has reached over a million users worldwide.

The most popular MOOC available right now teachers students how to learn. Since created last year almost 1,200,000 have signed up. See what they are teaching.

It's Never Too Late to Thank Your Teacher
It takes more than political promises to truly inspire children, show them the gift of their own potential and prepare them to tackle life's many challenges. It takes really great teachers.

Who was your favorite or best teacher. Did you ever thank that person? Take a look at this heart warming story of someone who was able to do that.

Best Apps and Resources To Get Kids to Code
List of few coding apps and resources for kids and for you as parents and teachers to understand the need of this skill, how can you teach your kids to code.

The Hour of Code movement has really taken off. There are plenty of great apps and resources that make coding fun for kids. This article provides a nice list and description of some of the best available.

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