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Jan 22, 2016

Norway School to Offer eSports Class For 5 Hours Per Week
A high school in Norway will offer competitive eSports education alternating with physical exercise to reap educational benefits from the global phenomenon.

Math, Music, Madden and Mario Kart. What do think of schools offering a 1 hour per day eSports class daily? Read the article to see how they have come to this decision.

Teaching: Just Like Performing Magic
One half of the entertainment duo Penn & Teller explains how performance and discomfort make education come alive.

Teller, half of the entertainment group Penn & Teller, is a former Latin teacher. Take a look at his unique perspective on how teaching is very much like performing as a magician.

Expecting to Enjoy a Lazy Snow Day? Teachers Urge Parents, Students to Think Again.
In an age of increased academic testing and fast-paced curricula, educators urge students to keep learning when classes are canceled

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