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Jan 19, 2016

Great Books You as Educators Must Read in 2016
List of some amazing books that you, as an educator must read this year.

Ed Tech Review lists and provides descriptions of 12 books that educators should read. Despite coming from an Ed Tech website, not all of the books are about technology. Take a look at their selections.

5 Characteristics Of Project-Based Learning That Works

Project-based learning has become one of the education world's hottest buzz words. Before you jump into project-based learning take a look at 5 characteristics  that make the technique work well.

The Problem With Telling Students They Just Need The Right Attitude To Succeed
There is nothing wrong with teaching "grit" but why do we overestimate its role in overcoming adversity?

If we create high expectations for schools, and tie funding to meeting those expectations, schools will succeed at delivering better results for students. That was the plan. Grit alone is not enough to drive student achivement.


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