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Why Kids Can't Sit Still  -  Feedback Letters  -  Closure Activities | Ed Buzz 2015-12-17

Dec 17, 2015

Why So Many Kids Can’t Sit Still in School Today
A pediatric occupational therapist says schools keep kids in their chairs far too long.

I wonder if we tied more activity to improved student test performance if we could suddenly find ways to make kids more comfortable and fit their needs (a little snarky - I know).

Student Letters Deliver Heightened Engagement
Asking students to write you a weekly letter helps you answer their questions, coach them on ELA skills, and learn more about them as people.

You've discovered a way to include ELA practice and feedback? Sign me up. This article talks about how having students write weekly letters to their teacher helps with not only ELA skill but also with interpersonal relationships and teacher feedback.

22 Powerful Closure Activities
Closure ends a lesson and creates a lasting impression, so make it fun. Students will better retain information reinforced with music, movement, art, or play.

Would you like to solidify the learning experience for your students? I'm betting most of you are nodding, yes. Heres how to create a lasting impression with the following Closure techniques.

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