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Teacher and Techie  -  At Risk Students  -  Educational Change | Ed Buzz 2015-12-18

Dec 18, 2015

One Part Educator, One Part Techie: Why Today’s Teachers Have to Be Both
Today's teachers must know more than just their subject matter. They must know about the technologies that will help reach young minds quicker and smarter.

You are a teacher, but you also have to have technology skills. It comes as just part of the job description.

Why Social and Emotional Skills Are Vital to Keep At-Risk Students on Track

There's more to learn at school than reading and math. Teaching kids to control their emotions, solve problems and work well with others can help them succeed

Academic learning is usually in the spotlight at school, but teaching elementary-age students “soft” skills like self-control and social skills might help in keeping at-risk kids out of criminal trouble in the future, a study finds.

The Problems and Promise of Educational Change

Two films and a book about educational change illustrate the pitfalls of top-down initiatives and the magic of everyday stakeholders getting a chance to make a difference.

How does real educational change happen? Can programs like NCLB or ESSA ever really succeed?

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