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PA Districts Ability to Borrow  -  Holiday Lesson Ideas  -  Education 3.0 | Ed Buzz 2015-12-16

Dec 16, 2015

Pennsylvania School Districts May Lose Ability to Borrow
Standard & Poor's withdraws its ratings on districts whose debt is backed by Pa. government's guarantee to repay bondholders.

The PA State government has yet to pass a budget. As a result most school districts have plans to borrow money to keep them afloat until a budget is passed. Now that plan seems questionable.

Engage and Motivate Your Students Before the Holiday Break
Projects designed to embrace holiday and seasonal themes -- and timed to coincide with the holiday schedule -- can relieve pressure on the teacher, enthuse students, and keep them learning and engaged up to the last moment.

Keeping students motivated a few days before winter break is easy - said no teacher ever. This article provides some really great holiday themed lesson ideas that will keep students on task and learning.

Education 3.0 - Where Students Create Their Own Learning Experiences

Learners as "connectors, creators, constructivists." Is it possible? Is it practical? Take a look at this interesting article and Slide Share presentation on the topic.

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