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NCLB Obituary  -  iPad Apps  -  Dropouts | Ed Buzz 2015-12-9

Dec 09, 2015

No Child Left Behind: An Obituary
Congress has done its part, and the much-maligned law is on its way out. But what will folks say at the education law's wake? Hint: Most won't have tears in their eyes.

NCLB could be a rescinded as early as today. This obituary to NCLB talks about how it was both beneficial and detrimental in different ways. It also gives a short preview of the Every Student Succeeds Act may get right the parts NCLB got wrong.

31 iPad Apps for a Smoother-Running Classroom

Grading apps, timer apps and even a random student selector app (students can blame Siri instead of you for calling on them). Discover 31 iPads apps that are designed to make a teacher's life easier.

5 Scary Things You Don't Know About School Dropouts
This infographic shows highlights the frightening truth about school dropouts.

7000 students per day drop out of school. This infographic, which actually shows more than 5 scary things, gets to the root of the issue and presents the devastating effects.

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