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Dept of Ed Runs Christmas  -  Most Prized Possession  -  Social-Emotional Learning | Ed Buzz 2015-12-23

Dec 23, 2015

Will the elves hit their festive targets? If the DfE did Christmas ...
Incomprehensible change continues. Christmas will be graded against dubious criteria and subject to change, according to the Santa inspectorate’s sherry intake

See how our friends in Great Britian picture Christmas if their Department of Education ran it. This is a really funny piece that pokes fun standards and testing. Enjoy.

What Is Your Most Prized Possession?
Why do you treasure it?

Take a look at this holiday inspired lesson that will get students thinking and writing.

Lifelong Success Starts With Social-Emotional Learning
Building a culture of health starts with developing children's social and academic aptitude from a young age with self-knowledge, empathy, communication skills, collaboration, and growth mindset.

It appears that skills like sharing, problem solving, or cooperating have dramatic, long-term effects on desired outcomes like getting into college and keeping a good job.


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