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2015 Year in Ed  -  Reading and Writing in Every Class  -  Create STEM Interest | Ed Buzz 2015-12-15

Dec 15, 2015

2015: The Good, the Bad... and the Potential
With love for teaching and hope for the future, Vicki Davis reviews the year in U.S. education, from increasing societal pressures to exciting technologies and positive practices.

Take a tour of the topics that were prominent in 2015. Everything from Teacherpreneurs, to testing, to some very inspirational videos appears on this page.

In this High School, Reading and Writing Happens in Every Class, Even Math and Chemistry
Overhauling literacy instruction is a centerpiece of Prince George's County's plan to boost achievement.

Literacy, long the responsibility of English teachers, is filtering into every other classroom — including math, science and even health class. This change seems to be driven by the Common Core.

STEM Pros Share Secrets to Boost Teen Interest, Participation
Making real-world connections can spark teens' interest in STEM.

A $100,000 scholarship check would help drum up interest in STEM classes for students. Since coming up with that kind of check for everyone is unlikely, the recipient of the check makes some suggestions.

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