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Teacher Doing Great Things  -  Great STEM School  -  Math as Maker Workershops | Ed Buzz 2015-11-20

Nov 20, 2015

Get Inspired By Everyday Teachers Doing Great Things
Our good friends at SoulPancake (home of everyone's favorite pint-sized inspirational speaker, Kid President) have just launched a video series that we absolutely love, profiling California teachers who are making a difference.

Videos of teachers doing great things. Do we need to say anything else? Go be inspired.

What Makes a Great STEM School?

What are the elements that help produce a great STEM school? The principles behind a great STEM school are likely not what you think. Take a look to see the 7 traits great STEM schools share.

How Turning Math Into a Maker Workshop Can Bring Calculations to Life
A teacher ignited her students' interest in math by introducing maker projects that apply practical hands-on math.

A banana piano?!? Bongos mades from lemons?!? What does that have to do with math. It's in the article.

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