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Nov 30, 2015

Exactly Where To Start With School Improvement
To improve learning, instead of trying harder, we may need to try less.

How do we improve schools? Terry Heick, the author of this article, provides details on where to start with school improvement. Here's a hint, Terry is probably not talking about the same thing most others are. Give it a read.

What is 21st Century Education?
21st Century Education is an education where students work with real world applications on inquiry-based, real world challenges, acknowledging the connected digital world they live in, where they can communicate and learn globally, and where actionable thinking, innovation, creativity and problem-solving are actively taught, encouraged and nurtured.

Educational leaders toss around the phrase 21st Century Education. Do they understand what it really means. Take a look at a couple of videos that explain what a 21st Centruy Education is and how it differs ftehin the past.

This Season's Guide to Educational Toys for Kids
Noodle teamed up with Parents' Choice to create nine gift guides for the 2015 holiday season. Find the perfect toys for kids who love building, writing, adventuring, and more.

This is a great list. Pick a topic that interests your child and click the cooresponding link. You will go to another page that lists a half dozen or more educational toys that will continue to nurture your kid's love of that subject.

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