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Most Creative Project  -  Student Voice  -  Citizenship Development Fail | Ed Buzz 2015-11-18

Nov 18, 2015

What Is The Most Creative Project You've Done So Far This Year
Edudemic's Question of the Month asks, "what is the most creative project you've done so far this year."

Considering that I am a total big geek at heart, you can be sure that I love the project that @MrsCox007 did. Go check these out and steal some ideas.

Student Voice: A Path to Owning Their Learning
To prepare students for the 21st century work force, we need them to take control of their learning.

Could you empower your students to own their learning? Edutopia has an article that talks about the importance in it and how to best make it happen.

U.S. Schools Don't Fail at Test Performance, They Fail at Citizenship Development
We need an education system intentionally designed to engage students to understand their values and to learn how to become effective citizens. Which questions teachers ask or do not ask influences how their students understand the world and their role in it.

Are US schools creating generations who do not accept the challenge of trying to make the world a better place? Arthur Camins at Huff Post Education offers some ideas on turning this around.

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