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Hack Your Writing Workshop  -  The Teacher Games  -  Beyond Measure | Ed Buzz 2015-11-13

Nov 13, 2015

How Do We Make Writing? Five Ways to Hack Your Writing Workshops
Those who make writing do so out of their seats and on their feet. Ready to begin? This post will show you how transform your writing workshop.

An experienced teacher of writing workshops provides 5 ways to improve the process. These hacks will improve students' writing and help them enjoy the process more.

The Teacher Games: Only the Strongest Districts Can Win
When it comes to recruiting teachers, the odds are in the favor of schools that can pay them. The system forces districts to compete against each other.

Are we reaching a point where only high paying districts will have a low teacher to student ratio? How would you fix this? This article raises questions about school funding, but leaves you to ponder the solution.

Beyond Measure: The Revolution Starts Now
The film "Beyond Measure" highlights on-the-ground education reform already in progress, from a student-led alternative school in suburban Massachusetts to district-wide PBL adoption in rural Kentucky.

Beyond Measure is film. It focuses on 5 schools that not only have problems, but solves them. The film is touring the country. You can see if it is in your community and even sign up to host a screening at this website, http://beyondmeasurefilm.com/#upcoming-screenings. Let us know if you host a screening.

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