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Engaging Reluctant Students?  -  Renowned Math Education  -  Digital Badges for Teachers | Ed Buzz 2015-11-02

Nov 02, 2015

5 Ways to Engage Reluctant Students
What Works in Education, The George Lucas Educational Foundation

There is one in every class. That one student that you just can't engage. Here are some tips that might help reach that unreachable student.

Renowned Mathematicians Want You to Reinvent Math Education
Experts say math education hasn't changed in over a century, and they want to help you change how you teach math.

The way we teach math hasn't changed in 100 years. Too many students who do well in math in their early school years struggle in high school. Discover how to turn this trend around.

So You Want to Drive Instruction With Digital Badges? Start With the Teachers
The use of digital badges should start with teachers.

Would achieving digital badges inspire educators to strongly embrace professional development? What about tying compensation and advancment to badges? It's controversial for sure. What are your thoughts?

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