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Classroom of the Future  -  School Makes Primary Students Walk Like Prisoners  -  Blend in Online Learning | Ed Buzz 2015-11-06

Nov 06, 2015

The Classroom of the Future Comes Alive
There's robots, interactive flooring and Lego furniture. And engaged, happy kids in the classroom of the future.

Australians have themselves a really cool classroom of the future. Take a look at how excited the students in this video are about using technology to learn.

St George the Martyr Primary School Criticised for Walking Rule which makes Primary Pupils Like Prisoners
A primary school has been accused of treating pupils “like prisoners” by demanding that they walk with their hands behind their backs at all times.

This is a big deal in England. Many are upset that a school has its students, ages 5 - 11, walking around like prisoners (as some parents have described it). How far can a school go to create the desired atmosphere?

It’s Okay to Blend in Online Learning
Join us this month for blog posts about blended and online learning. In this blog post, education leader Fred Ende explores why blended learning

One educator talks about their struggle to adapt to completely online learning. The ideal solution just might be a blended learning environment.

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