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Can You Answer These Common Core Qs  -  Great Professiona Development  -  Creating Learning Experiences for Teachers | Ed Buzz 2015-11-05

Nov 05, 2015

Hundreds of Common Core test questions have just been made public. Can you solve them?
Now parents and teachers can see some of the test questions that kids faced earlier this year.

Some of these questions you should be able to answer right away. Some of the others, well, go try them for yourself.

PD: From Epic Fail to Epic Sail
During my years in school administration, I often had mixed feelings about scheduling professional development in-service workshops.

School administrators got it rough when it comes to professional development. Selecting worthwhile PD that nudge teachers into new ways of acting and thinking is not easy. Here are some suggestions on creating PD that will help teachers grow.

How Administrators Can Design the Best Learning Experiences for Teachers
At the recent U.S. Education Learning Forum, Bill Gates talked about an exciting shift in ed policy, which puts a strong focus on what happens inside the classroom. The focus not only elevates understanding and admiration for the invaluable role of effective teachers, but aims to support all teachers in moving up the learning line.

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