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Nov 19, 2015

The 25 Best Public High Schools in America
Public schools across the country offer top-notch educations. Here are the best ones.

I want to go back to high school. Well, at least one of these high schools. There are some schools doing some amazing things out there.

12 Strategies for Creating an Atmosphere of Problem-Solving in Your Classroom
To remedy the situation, and grow fruitful and happy students within the confines of the syllabus you are bound to, start to fix the problem yourself by creating an atmosphere of problem-solving in your classes.

No one could argue that problem solving shouldn't be an everyday activity in the classroom. Grab these tips to help create a culture of problem solving. Number 9 is my favorite by the way.

Does It Pay To Pay Teachers $100,000?
Once all but unattainable, a six-figure salary is a reality for a growing number of teachers.

A growing number of districts are looking to change that pay structure. The goal: Give teachers, even younger teachers, the chance to earn more. Reward them not for seniority or advanced degrees, but for how well they teach. Are you on board?

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