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Bad Week for Ed Reform  -  Germany's School Turnaround  -  Can PD Be Virtual | Ed Buzz 2015-11-03

Nov 03, 2015

It Was a Bad Week for Education Reform at the End of an Awful Era of Corporate School Reform
Test-driven, market-driven reform became exceptionally destructive when conservatives were joined by liberals and neo-liberals. As contemporary reform movement morphed in corporate school reform, the big donors' public relations gurus spun it into a supposed "civil rights" issue.

The resignation of Arne Duncan, President Obama's apology on over-testing and a decline in NAEP scores led to one crumby week for education reform. This Huffington Post article falls strongly on the anti-ed reform side of the isle, and is an interesting read regardless of your point of view.

The Great German School Turnaround
The European country managed to raise test scores while reducing educational inequality. But with the dramatic influx of migrants, will its success last?

Germany has managed to improve test scores over the last decade. They created standards without penalities for poor performance.

Can PD Be Virtual?
Virtual professional development increases access, creates meaningful connections, and supports educators with the help of virtual tools for video conferencing, live sessions, and online courses.

This Edutopia article introduces options for virtual professional development. There are, of course, benefits to moving to virtual PD, but would it be effective? What about teachers who are less comfortable with technology?

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