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4 Types of Mistakes  -  Apps for Teachers  -  How Is That School | Ed Buzz 2015-11-23

Nov 23, 2015

Why Understanding These Four Types of Mistakes Can Help Us Learn
By understanding the level of learning and intentionality in our mistakes, we can identify what helps us grow as learners.

Some mistakes are better than others, and we can learn from all mistakes. Take a look at the 4 types of mistakes that students make and see what they tell us about the thought

process (and how to adjust it).

Teachers Have A Lot to Do: Key Apps to Keep Things Organized
The number of roles a teacher plays are never ending. Here are some key teacher apps to keep things organized.

You have seen plenty of articles on good apps for teachers. This one is excellent. Apps are even divided into iOS and Android. Don't miss out on some really good ones at the

bottom of the page.

The New Question: "How Is That School Doing On You?"
An “unconnected classroom” is one without social components, digital media output, authentic and highly visible school-to-school and school-to-community functions, and personal

learning for each student through mobile and adaptive technology

I didn't understand the title of the article at first. It's a play on "How Are You Doing At School?" The article provides 13 standards for the Near Future School. Within the 13

there are sure to be standards that you both agree and disagree with.

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