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Recommend Teaching as a Profession? * Accelerate Digital Curriculum * Smart Phones | Ed Buzz 2015-10-26

Oct 26, 2015

Former Elementary School Principal Reveals Why She'd Never Want Her Daughter to go into Teaching
It's nearly impossible to succeed in the teaching profession, according to this former teacher.

If you are an educator, would you steer your children towards or away from teaching as a profession? Your decision speaks volumes towards how we see our profession.

5 Ways to Accelerate Your Digital Curriculum
You've got computers but now what? Use these 5 tips to accelerate your digital curriculum.

How are you using technology in the classroom? This article on Brilliant or Insane lists 5 ways to better ways to amp up your digital curriculum.

Are Smartphones Dumbing Down School, or Are They Vital Learning Tools?
As the debate rages, lonely bastions of resistance like Banneker High lock away devices during the school day.

Can electronic devices reduce interactions and lead to a less robust learning experience? Some think so. Other educators see the use of electronic devices as a way to zap learning into the 21st century. So, who's right?


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