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Graduation Rates * Deep Learning * Buddy Bench | Ed Buzz 2015-10-21

Oct 21, 2015

High School Graduation Rates are on the Rise in Most States
The nation's schools are making progress, says Education Secretary Arne Duncan.

Nearly every state has seen an increase in graduation rate. If you are from New Jersey or Wisconsin, you have the highest rate. Where does your state rank.

Inquiry-based Learning - Designing Learning That Matters
Foster deep learning experiences for your students by using inquiry, seeking lessons and projects that inspire, always asking "why?", and letting them loose on projects.

Think back to a time when you were immersed in a deep learning experience. Deep learning often happens when learners encounter experiences that challenge them to figure something out, explore new information, and create a product. Does that match your memory? Learn more about deep learning.

Playground ‘Buddy Bench’ Helps Students Befriend One Another
The Buddy Bench allows students to meet others on the playground if they have no one to play with -- and the idea is catching on worldwide.

Does your school have a Buddy Bench? I would be interested in hearing how well that is working. Take a look at the article, then let me know what you think.

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