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Effects of Computer-Based Ed * Computer Personalized Ed * NCLB, What Worked, What Didn't | Ed Buzz 2015-10-27

Oct 27, 2015

Artificially intelligent software is replacing the textbook—and reshaping American education.
The result is a classroom experience starkly different from the model that has dominated American education for the past 100 years.

A personalized learning experience for every student, it's a model that has been dreamt of for years. What kind of effects would/will this have on students, teachers and schools?

In This Classroom, Knowledge is Overrated
Can the internet redesign the way students learn?

Why do dogs chase cats? This was the question posed one morning by a student in the posed under the Self Organized Learning Environment (SOLE) educational system. SOLE's proponents call it learning at the edge of chaos, but the also call it effective.

No Child Left Behind: What Worked, What Didn't
As Congress attempts to rewrite the much-maligned federal education law, it's worth exploring it's successes and shortcomings in fixing broken schools.

It has been 14 years since NCLB exploded on to the educational radar. This article digs into what the author thinks was beneficial and not so much. See if you agree.


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