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May 26, 2010

So the new iPad has been here for almost two months and the 3G version for a few weeks. Are we any closer (if at all) to seeing tablet computers becoming mainstream in the education market? What do you think about tablets and what do you think needs to happen before they will be widely adopted at schools (or should they be).

I drank the Kool-aid and got mine on the release date (I still can’t get over that UPS delivered on Saturday), but I had already been using my new iPhone for more than a month. In many ways it’s like a big iPhone (without the 3G), but application vendors are slowly coming around to adding iPad support to the apps that I currently own (mostly to take advantage of the larger screen).

BTW – don’t get the cover they are offering in the Apple store. It’s not much of a cover and it costs way too much. You can find better ones on Amazon for the same price or less.

I think the iPad has great potential. I like the instant “on” of the tablet and not having to wait for a long boot time. I also like the “touch” capabilities, but for any serious typing you will need some kind of keyboard setup (more on this in a future post).

Here are some articles or reviews about the iPad I found interesting:

Apple iPad is Ready for Its Closeup

10 Reasons Why an iPad is Not for You

iPhone (and iPad) New 4.0 Operating System

I’ll have more in upcoming posts about some of the applications I have found useful.

Any other EdInsight users out there with iPads?

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