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Apr 07, 2011

How to Have Fun With the PSSA

Think that it is impossible? Penn Hills School District has figured out how to make it happen.

Penn Hills School District has designed a way to link physical education and PSSA preparation in a way that not only engages their 8th grade math students, but decreases deficiencies in their students’ annual state assessment test scores.

The 8th grade math teachers at Penn Hills use the results from the 4Sight benchmark tests accessed through OnHand Schools’ EdInsight Data Window to quiz their students and challenge them in a series of relays. This commences the PSSA Gauntlet at Penn Hills in which the four 8th grade classes compete against one another with the prevailing team getting the coveted PSSA Gauntlet trophy.

“As a teacher trying to prepare all of my students for the PSSA exams, I find it a tremendous challenge to find new ways to make “old” material engaging for the students. I have noticed that the PSSA Gauntlet has provided us with just one new way of motivating the students to want to learn the eligible content that is specific to the PSSA exams. The students’ positive attitude towards the PSSA Gauntlet has been remarkable.” - Todd Holler [Math Department Chair, Penn Hills SD.]

Penn Hills School District will also be a keynote presenter at the upcoming March 22nd Quality Classroom Consortium meeting taking place at the Westmoreland Intermediate Unit. 

How do you get your students ready for the PSSAs? Go to Facebook and “like” Educational Insight from OnHand Schools and share your favorite technique for preparing your classroom for their state assessment tests. We will pick our favorite submission and award a $50.00 gift card to Staples, as well as feature the teacher and school on our website and in our last PSSA-related e-blast of the school year.

More Fun with the PSSAs

This website has a series of games you can have your students play that are geared towards preparing students for state assessment tests: http://www.vocabulary.co.il/.

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