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We have fabulous customers.  Some have been kind enough to offer their review and testimonial of OnHand Schools software and services.  You can take a look at some of the below.

Fox Chapel Area SD has found the new 4Sight Benchmark Assessment Item Analysis Report available on EdInsight to be very valuable. Our teachers are currently using it to set goals related to attainment of the PA Academic Standards/Assessment Anchors and preparation for the PSSA for our students. Item analysis data is used at the department, grade, class and individual student levels to target our interventions to areas of relative weakness indicated by the data.

Ongoing assessment, including additional benchmark assessments, diagnostic assessments and formative classroom assessments, enable us to monitor attainment of the goals, and to adjust them or set new goals accordingly. Since the Item Analysis Report gets down to the Eligible Content level, it is easy to focus our efforts in a way that will improve outcomes for our students.

Alicia Gismondi | Data Research Analyst

Fox Chapel Area School District

In my classes, if I see that there is a struggling student, I'll invite them to my room during QRT. I'll pull up their grades for 3-4 years back and talk to them about their strengths and weaknesses over the past few years, and see how it could possibly relate to their current achievement/struggle. We'll pull up attendance and talk about tardies and how important it is to attend school (if attendance is an issue). I ask them the same questions that I ask myQRT students: What are they proud of? What can they improve on? How I can help? Sometimes it's one student, and we'll work on study skills and test taking strategies. Sometimes, all that it takes is a little work on the student's self-confidence issues.

Jill Tabis | Business Education Teacher

Fox Chapel Area School District

Public schools are charged with the responsibility of providing high quality education for all students. In my many years in education, I have been searching for a technology solution for Riverview School District that truly allows teachers to make educational decisions, and differentiate instruction.

EdInsight is the first solution I have found that allows a teacher to access data from multiple databases through one login. With just a click in a web browser, they have this information. A teacher's time can now be used to differentiate instruction, rather than wasted on collection and analysis

Robert Dunkle | Technology Coordinator

Riverview School Distict, OnHand Schools' First Customer

Edinsight enables me to effectively communicate with parents. I can quickly access student data while I am talking on the phone to a parent about what we can do to help their child improve. With EdInsight, I can quickly and easily access student data in one location, allowing me to concentrate on helping the student.

John Kreider | Principal

North Hills School District