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  • IEPWriter and EdInsight now share data between the two systems.
  • New functionality is planned to share data between IEPs and RTI/MTSS.
  • You can learn more by attending the free IEPWriter User Group meetings in May.

Many Pennsylvania school districts use EdInsight and IEPWriter to support data analysis, intervention strategies (RTI/MTSS), instructional management and to manage Individual Education Plans (IEPs).

In order to create a better experience and save you time, we - OnHand Schools and Leader Services (the companies behind the respective software) continue to strengthen our strategic partnership.


Connecting Systems to Accomplish More, Faster

Current users of both EdInsight and IEPWriter gain access to information in each system with just a click of a mouse. Student IEPs and teacher rosters from IEPWriter are available in EdInsight. Test scores attendance, misconduct, grades and other data flow into IEPWriter.

We have even bigger plans to tie EdInsight and IEPWriter together. We are currently working to tie the EdInsight RTI/MTSS module to data in IEPWriter. We realize that the same data is needed in both RTI/MTSS plans and IEPs. To make life easier for our customers, we will provide the mouse-click flow of data between the two systems. Look for that functionality soon.

About IEPWriter


IEPWriter produces PA’s most adopted IEP management software. More than 530 LEAs in Pennsylvania use IEPWriter to manage documentation for their special education students. Educators have embraced this web-based solution, which is accessed quickly and securely through any web browser. Easy access to all state-mandated forms through intuitive, online software has improved the work process for most PA special educators.

About EdInsight


The EdInsight Instructional Management System consists of a suite of software tools that collects data, provides insight into the numbers, aligns daily tasks to districts goals and individualizes student interventions. The RTI/MTSS software module is widely used to manage and report on the intervention process, allowing districts to monitor the progress of students. Educators work more nimbly and provide interventions as issues arise.