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OETC 2016

OnHand Schools was thrilled to exhibit and co-present with Robert Sehlhorst in a very well attended session titled, Teacher Based Teams : Strategies for Maximizing Student Achievement

At Booth 710

If you attended OETC 2016, you very well may have seen us. Maybe you stopped by Booth 710 and talked with Mike Burns about EdInsight. You likely watched the presentation on RTI that Mike had running on a monitor.

Mike Burns at the OnHand Schools Booth at OETC2016

Teacher Based Teams: Strategies for Maximizing Student Achievement Session

Just as the conference was about to wrap up for 2016 (saving the best for last), close to 50 attendees watched Tom DeMarco participate in a session led by Robert Sehlhorst on Teacher Based Teams. Tom is our Director of Business Development and Customer Service. Robert Sehlhorst is a retired Assistant Superintendent at Oak Hills Local School District.

The TBT Session was a huge success. 

Not only was the session well attended, but those in the audience wanted to take the presentation with them. Attendees were snapping photos of the slides and even video recording parts of the presentation. 

We promised to make sure that all the materials would be made available online. We keep our promises. The presentation is available in the column under the heading Show Resources.


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Account Manager


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Director of Business Development and Customer Service


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